Silent and Screaming

CanopyShe awoke to a loud bang and a scream. Where could that be coming from? This was the brief thought that flashed through her head as she was jolted from a sleeping state. There was no one in the house. She hadn’t been expecting any visitors. It was just too early for all this thinking.

Adrienne waltzed her way to the kitchen to make some coffee. She’d been living alone for about a month now. It got lonely from time to time but, overall she didn’t mind. Friends stopped in every now and again. They all kept her going after the nasty disassembling of her family. It seemed necessary to sever all attachments with the exception of those few close friends. After all, she was quite enjoying the single life with nobody to keep tabs on her.

Tipping and tapping around her kitchen, Adrienne found herself thinking of that strange noise again. What was it that jolted her up? None of the neighbors in the building were home. What could it have been? A sharp chill wavered up her back as the thought crossed her mind. All senses were now on high alert. There was a seeping feeling in the pit of her stomach that this was about to be a cause for concern.

The picturesque stained glass window on the door to Adrienne’s condo caught her attention due to the fact it was making an outlandish creaking sound. Before she could inch closer to inspect it, the window burst into the hall like a thousand tiny teardrops. What the hell is going on today? She thought as she assessed the damage. “Damn, I really loved that window.” She mumbled. The strange bit was the glass on the floor fell into the shape of a heart.

She built up the courage and stepped outside. What could have caused it? There was no one around again. The town itself seemed eerily silent. Adrienne shrugged and tried her best to clear the tension from her mind. Then, without warning, it all made perfect, morbid, shocking sense. She knew right away what it was because the fear of it all glared her directly in the eyes. There was a woman with long, frost white hair standing in her walk-in closet with the door open. Adrienne shut her eyes for a moment, clenching them tight and tried to pretend it wasn’t happening. She knew all too well this woman was dead. She said the words to herself in her head. “This is a ghost isn’t it?” There had been incidents like this before when she was a child, but none this terrifying.

The horror of everything turned her blood cold. She felt her heart struggling to beat. Yet, she couldn’t help locking eyes with this being. She wasn’t ready to go so young. It was inevitable. Her organs were struggling to function. There was a deep, unexplainable pain in her chest. She grabbed her walls to keep from falling.

Sadly, there was silence again. Adrienne, all but 25 had been sure as the sun rises each day, scared to death. The one disturbing truth in some lives is, sometimes these events bring people closer together. After all that, Adrienne’s family was whole once more. They never did speak of the events that took place in her home then, or ever again.

© 2014 CardCastlesInTheSky

Since you all were so kind about my last short story, I figured I’d share another. Sorry if I freaked you out this Friday morning. Wait…no I’m not! It’s what I do best!


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