Sleepy Sundays: Mother

Mother Mother

Sharing this with all of you after a very rough and trying last few months brings a wave of warmth over me. This celebration of mothers everywhere isn’t always pleasant for everyone. There are some struggling as single mothers with no one in their corner. Some sons and daughters are mourning the loss of a mother. Couples all over the globe may be struggling to have a child, and some may have just lost one.

Much like life, not all aspects are glittery, and yet not all are so terrible either. The mother in me wants you all to be at peace. I want for each one of us to just imagine this picture of a growing child in their mother’s womb and feel comfort. You are not alone.

Happy Mother’s Day

from CardCastlesInTheSky

The song I chose to go along with this artwork is from one of my favorite videogame soundtracks, The Unfinished Swan. The song is titled “New Growth”. It’s quite peaceful and serene, don’t you think?

Hug a mother this Sunday!

Still feeling down? If you’re looking for something uplifting this Mother’s Day, read this.

11 thoughts on “Sleepy Sundays: Mother

  1. Absolutely beautiful 😀

    I love the music as well (it reminds me of having a massage) 😉

    I called an old friend yesterday who has just moved to a new town and knows no one. It’s the first Mother’s Day without his mother. We had a nice long chat – it was hard, but I’m so glad I called him 😀

    Happy Mother’s Day to you, my darling! xxxx


    1. That’s sweet of you to say, Dianne.
      Sadly, I know what that’s like. My mother is gone as well. It’s gotten better over the years, though since I’m a mother now.
      It really important to have that support system. He’s lucky to have you. 🙂

      Happy Mother’s Day to you too, sweetie!



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