A Silent Pause for a Minute

I seriously had to take day off from blogging/writing because one of my dear friends the ever-so-well known Rarasaur was in some trouble over an incident everyone believes (including myself) she was falsely accused of. How could a person as sweet as her, who has brought so many great writers together do anything wrong?

It’s a serious miscarriage of justice and a statement about our legal system. (But don’t get me started on that!)
If you could please donate & help her loving family.
The Queen Creative | Thank you

11 thoughts on “A Silent Pause for a Minute

    1. Ugh. Dianne, words can’t express how upset this has gotten me. I already had a lot going on and then I come online and see one of my buddies is in trouble & I’m close to powerless to help. It makes me want to scream at everything.
      She left that beautiful blog for us to maintain & I feel like a lot of us are just too shell-shocked to write about any problems of our own right now.


    1. I think she’ll come out swinging. & I have a little bit of good news, I managed to spread the Queen Creative link to a few new places & it’s being shared! So hopefully that brings in more results. Not only am I worried about her, but I’m also worried for Dave and the little kitties.
      I wish I had all the connections I used to have. I need to help us blast this link out all over the universe.

      I’m still pulling some strings, though. We’ll see. I still have some old friends in high places.


    1. Thanks hun. A lot of people on here all felt like we knew her personally. It really is a shame & I hope it all works out for the best.

      Also – if you have any friends in the Cali area, pass that link on & ask them if they can donate some food to her family. There’s an address & info on their page. Thanks in advance.


    1. *squeeze* I can’t. I miss her energy so much. I know everybody’s emotions are running high but I just had to dip out for a moment. I just wish I would’ve known sooner but it was not like her to complain about her problems.



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