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Tales From Our First Crappy Apartment

Why Don’t You Just Leave?

We’ve been in our apartment now for three years. Some of the surprises we’ve dealt with are by no means new. Part of the disasters we shrug and laugh at, others put us on the verge of a nervous breakdown. The average friend or family member will ask us, “Why don’t you just leave?” and we reply that it’s easier said than done. We have a four year old son and need a two bedroom. Around here, that sort of luxury doesn’t come cheap. Not to mention, coming up with a security deposit for a new place, moving costs, and the entire headache that goes with it. We’re simply just not ready.

A few nights ago what seemed to be the last straw for us happened. There was about five inches of rain that fell in roughly a two hour time span. I kept checking the windows and every known crevasse for water. Something in me just knew it was going to come in.

“We’re Going to Need a Bigger Boat.”

The funny part is, we went through two massive hurricanes, and not a single drop of water entered our space. This time was different. This time the water neared so close to our windows I was anticipating them giving out and just letting the gigantic pools rush right in. Instead, much to our surprise, the damage was not noticed until the following day. My other half walked into our closet to hang something up and remarked to me that there was a sopping wet mark on our carpet in there. Slowly, that sopping wet stain became another, and another, until our closet was virtually filled with dirty water. It soaked the carpet and its padding underneath.

Our Saturday night was not spent laughing or watching a movie together. We didn’t go out and I didn’t get an early start on my work. Instead, we spent it ripping up the mildew and flood soaked carpet and padding that by now absolutely reeked.

Time Waits For No One

After an extremely rough week of other life headaches – this was the last thing we both needed. Rewind back to Saturday morning, when we first started speaking of doing all of this ripping up and cleaning. My neighbor upstairs also got a ton of water in her apartment. It’s anybody’s guess how. She’s on the middle floor after all. Still, as she was getting her entire carpeting replaced – the workers were banging so hard with hammers that they knocked our kitchen clock off the wall. It landed in the sink and broke. Although this may seem like something so small, I was livid. I was so angry, my initial reaction was to lose it but, I realized my son was watching. Even though he’s only four, he had such a look of concern on his face. He was concerned for his mother who was obviously a wreck. I just picked up our shattered clock that had much sentimental value, since it was the first little housewarming gift we bought ourselves – and then I let out a few tears.

Sometimes, you just need to melt down.

Moving On

Although our landlord has at least tried to show some care toward the situation, we remain worried that he is going to be cheap about replacing our small area of carpet. We may just end up following in our neighbor’s footsteps and having it done ourselves while deducting the costs out of the rent.

In the long run, this has been a learning experience. This ordeal is nobody’s fault. It was just Mother Nature being really pissed off. After all the other various issues we’ve had here, this was just one more stiff reminder – we need to move.

13 replies on “Tales From Our First Crappy Apartment”

“Life can be smelly.” – Ain’t that the truth. Sorry that you are in a situation where you need to move. Moving is one of the most stressful parts of life… The Queen and I know that moving is on our horizon too, but we have a couple years before it will become essential. (We are in a terrible school district, but the Little Prince is only 13 months old right now, so we’ve got some time.)

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Hey friend, I remember replying to this comment ages ago but I just re-checked this post and I guess it never went through. Anyway, I said something like, bad school districts are a headache all their own. We’re just now experiencing that first hand. (Yet another reason we need to go.) I say we have about one more year left in us – strictly because of financial necessity but we so want out now. I’m so sorry that you guys can relate.
Shitty things sure happen to the nicest of people. Sigh.


Interesting comment… shitty things happen to all people, but perhaps we notice more, or care more, when they have to nice people…
Sorry to hear you need to get out of your situation too. Hopefully we’ll both be moving our families to better places soon!

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I’m pretty sure you’re right. I tend to have a little bit of a jaded or warped perception when it comes to that because my experiences seemed to show me otherwise. I need to start being a little more open and aware. All works in progress, right?

I hope so too.


Yep, all works in progress.

A work friend and I have a running commentary on how God must love fools and idiots because some of the people we work with seem to make it through life oblvious to the world around them, scamming the system, and somehow always making it ahead. The counter argument from what I said before, in a way. But, I’m a firm believer in karma too. So, I trust they will get what they “deserve” eventually. That’s somewhat comforting.

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It’s so hard to just pack up and move. We’ve lived in places that really pee us off and people say ‘just move’ as if it’s as easy as packing up the car and driving off – it’s certainly not that easy and people just don’t understand this. Most landlords are notorious for doing as little as possible and the lowest cost and I think we’ve spent thousands in the past fixing up the places we’ve rented to make them more ‘livable’. Sometimes I sit in the RUC and cry because I’m so happy we’ve finally got our own place (I think back on all those years I wished for a better life). Last year was hard because I spent some of the money for the RUC on visiting my sick mother and then a family member ripped me off for the rest of the cash (long horrible story). Now I’m totally out of money and don’t have a bathroom (this is something I don’t share on my blog). But given all this, I’m just happy to have a place of my own and it’ll take years to actually finish the place, but these things happen in life. I’m so sorry you had a shitty week, but know that things never stay the same and one day you’ll find a place that’s perfect for you 😉

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Dianne, sweetheart – you just brought me to tears. You are an amazing friend & I truly appreciate you sharing all of that with me. You have no idea how much I needed to hear every single word of it.

I really do hope we’ll get to a place of our own too someday because we’d really love to have more children. We simply can’t do it living here.

Thank you so much for this. You are an angel in a towel & I love you. 😉 ❤


I really wish good things for you and one day you’ll get them all I’m sure! 😀

I keep a lot of things about the RUC and the journey to myself because I family members who have no idea had bad it was last year. The kids know, but that’s about it. Oh dear, it’ll make a hell of a story one day… 😉

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