Sleepy Sundays: Abstraction


If you look up the word abstraction in the dictionary you’ll find out why it’s one of my favorite words. I chose that name for this piece because not only is it abstract but, it is also quite outside of the box that I’ve been in lately. If you think about it, abstraction is almost the opposite of obstruction – something I’ve been trying to desperately clear from my path these days.

The one aspect of art I love is that it doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to work – it has to be you.

Have you felt obstructed by something lately? Perhaps some abstraction could get you out of it…

Have an abstract Sunday!

6 thoughts on “Sleepy Sundays: Abstraction

  1. Obstruction is how I would define my former thesis committee.
    Now I hope the ideas will flow freely with similar minds around me and I can get that done. December will mean party time. :3


    1. Similar minds always help. 😉 As for ideas flowing – everyone’s process is different. For me, everything has to be silent. I work best in isolation – with only coffee, music, and perhaps an open window as company.


  2. I’ve always loved abstract art. There something so “freeing” about it with no specifics lines to adhere to. I also like your use of brown in your art. The pink/brown and now this green/brown – I love it.

    I made a stress list last week. I’m addressing each item one at a time and crossing it off my list. I’ll get there.


    1. I do like to use brown as an undertone or outline in some of my other work. I’m shocked that you noticed that. You’ve got some observant eye, Maddie!

      As for your stress list – that is a marvelous idea. A lot of us should try that out. That might actually work for me. Right now I have two known stress triggers to deal with. I can only hope they’re dealt with before April gets here. One day at a time, my mom used to say.



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