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Sleepy Sundays: Bird Behavior

Before we begin, I’d like to point out the similarities between this photo vs. art.


Birds on a Wire
This was taken during the week.


Birds on a Wire
This was drawn up last year.

(Click for larger views of both images.)

The art was more of the inspiration for the photo, rather than vice-versa. It’s fascinating how life sometimes imitates art even though most of the time art imitates life. The gentle waltz between the two has always been a favorite conversation piece for me.

Last, here’s one more neat photo I captured on Friday.



Birds are wonderful subjects, aren’t they?

Have a magnificent Sunday!

6 replies on “Sleepy Sundays: Bird Behavior”

You have a quick eye, Dianne. Somehow, I just couldn’t leave it up. It felt way too personal. I may re-publish it someday but right now it just felt wrong. He passed away 23 years ago today. It was somewhat of a tribute, but more like a story.
I dunno. Maybe I’ll pull it out of the virtual trash bin before the day is over.



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