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Sleepy Sundays: Butterfly Dance

Butterfly Dance

Butterfly Dance

Even though, on my side of the world, you wouldn’t know spring is just around the corner, the subtle signs can still be found within the cold. The little robins are gathering outside, the squirrels are starting to scurry about, and the geese are migrating back. I took this as a slight hint that winter is slowly letting go. This drawing was inspired by those early spring signs. The white butterflies are my springtime friends that all come out to visit when spring arrives.

If you are in the cold on this Sleepy Sunday, take this in with all of it’s warmth.

What are the signs of spring where you live?

Have a springy Sunday!

11 replies on “Sleepy Sundays: Butterfly Dance”

Puerto Rico basically has what most people would call “perpetual summer”… but where I specifically live is still considered countryside and “north”, so spring for me is when the sun sets later and later. Also the occasional leaves falling down and new ones sprouting even in the tropics. 🙂
Hope you’re doing well, by the way!



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