Sleepy Sundays: Still Life

Still LifeStill Life

Still life is actually a form of art defined as an observation or representation of something still; inanimate. I chose that name for this piece as well since it just seemed to fit. When I first learned how to paint and sketch, still life was my stepping stone to everything else. Flowers were always my favorite subjects. Sometimes I just go where my hands take me.

What is your favorite thing to doodle?

Have a still Sunday!


25 thoughts on “Sleepy Sundays: Still Life

  1. I have a habit of writing words and quotes when I’m bored. I took a box once and just wrote lyrics all over it. I also have words and phrases on my door.
    As for doodling… mostly stars. If it’s a special kind of boredom (out of my mind with nothing else to do), stars, planets, and other satellites.


    1. Not everybody is or cares to be, but I know a lot of people sometimes doodle on paper or pad out of habit. It could be something as simple as lines or squares like jaded mentioned, to a complex comic-style argument between several stick figures.


    1. Squares, believe it or not, (as crazy as this may sound) are hypnotizing to me. Mainly because, I see so many other things in them & what they can become when combined with other shapes.

      My old school used to have this 3D digital art screensaver with these floating cubes of all these different colors and it would do this magnificent dance something worthy of that Disney movie Fantasia. I was only about 5 or 6 years old in kindergarten but I remember it putting me in a trance. (That was the first time I saw an Apple computer too!)

      & Thank you for the flower love!



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