Sleepy Sundays: Drifter


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When you are curious or perhaps not so sure in life, some of us tend to wander. Sometimes, on these journeys we find remarkable places.

[Art Notes: This was originally a photo taken on a trip to New York. (You can view my gallery of that trip here.) The colors were removed and some effects were added to turn this photo into art.]

Trips away can be healthy, healing events. When I’m down, I often look through my albums of the places I’ve been and it reminds me that everything isn’t always at bad as it may seem. I’ve always been somewhat of a wanderer — drifting away every chance I get.

The following artist and this beautiful song remind me of just that. His name is Andrew Bird and I am very proud to feature his amazing music here. I’m am almost certain you will enjoy him as much as I do.

“Let’s get out of here, past the atmosphere.” – Andrew Bird

Are you a drifter?

Have a wanderlust-kind-of Sunday!

9 thoughts on “Sleepy Sundays: Drifter

  1. I am most definitely a drifter! For all sorts of reasons. I have framed photos from my various travels that I keep in my office and stare at longingly when someone is making me want to do violent things 😉 I have a short weekend trip planned the weekend after next… absolutely cannot wait for it to get here.

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  2. Now would you think me a drifter? I most assuredly am not. 🙂 I’ve moved away from home a few times, but I always come back to NE Ohio. I’ve traveled, but not extensively, and I’m always glad to return home again. I never long to “get away” – unless it is to get away in the pages of a book – or my own writing.

    Lovely, happy music! I appreciate the gems you find for us.

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    1. I can totally relate. I am an admitted wanderer but only in a curious sense. I like to explore the surrounding of any new place when I arrive. However, I still long for “home” whenever I am away. & I’m a big nostalgic sap a lot of the time. Little things that remind me of where I grew up often send a little tear rolling down my face.

      Maddie, my dear, you always bring the most lovely conversation my way. You’ve just inspired me to draw up something that reminds me of home. Hope you’ve had a pleasant weekend.



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