Sleepy Sundays: The Heart Studio

The Heart StudioThe Heart Studio

Music is a love held dear to many of us. There’s something about a great song that just soothes the animal within. Since February is a month of love, I figured why not combine two passions. This piece is another one of my art/photography hybrids. I was going to do a whole lot of texturing and layering to it, but after scrapping a few copies, it appeared to look quite elegant somewhat untouched.

By now you know I love to pick songs that seem to fit my artwork at the time. The following song is by the ultra talented Robert Glasper. Grab some coffee and enjoy it with me. I think the upbeat rhythm will be the perfect start to your Sunday.

The jazzy piano just sounds like Sunday morning, doesn’t it?

What is your passion?

Have a musical Sunday!

6 thoughts on “Sleepy Sundays: The Heart Studio

    1. Ugh! I just love that jazzy stuff. Your Pop had good taste.
      My art itch still wants to fix this piece & make it appear more like a painting – but I’ll still leave this version here for now.
      Glad you guys like it, though. It makes me less crazy. 😀


  1. I know exactly what you mean. We should get woman lairs if they get caves.
    Music is such a therapeutic gift. 😉
    & You’re very welcome. I’m going to keep sharing artists that I admire on here. Mainly because I love the feedback from all of you. 😀


  2. I kind of hate the term man cave, but Rich was in his room of tools, tv, beer, and stuff in the basement on Saturday – early evening. Wonderful sounds like those of Robert Glasper wafted up from the room, and filled the house with a feeling of peacefulness. Everyone was happy and all was right with the world. Music has such a wonderful effect.

    Nice artwork, and thanks for bringing a new musician to me. 🙂

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