Sleepy Sundays: The Pink Lady

The Pink LadyThe Pink Lady

When I was little, my aunt was the coolest chick on the planet. She listened to rock music when most of my family listened to oldies. (Now, I actually like “oldies”, but that’s beside the point.) When she redecorated her apartment for the first time, I distinctly remember her color scheme of black and light pink splattered everywhere. Seeing with an artist’s eye, I thought this was one of the most gorgeous color combinations.

Pink is feminine and even somewhat romantic. Black is dark and mysterious. Later on in my life, I came to use this combo every so often in my work. Enter, The Pink Lady. Now, there are times, like many of us, I’m unsatisfied with my artistic ventures. I’m a psychotic perfectionist – so I toss things often. However, this one, I have to say I am quite proud of. I can confidently state this is one of my finest pieces to date. Even though it’s so simple, if you look closely enough you can spot fine detail.

As an adult, when I see pink now, I’m reminded of that rebellious stage in my aunt’s life and how much fun we had together. The colors even remind me of some of my friends.

Did you ever do something crazy to a room in your home? Did it stick or did you change it?

Have a pink Sunday!

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21 thoughts on “Sleepy Sundays: The Pink Lady

  1. The pink lady is stunning! 😀

    For the first time in my life I have a kitchen that has a colour scheme (only because I built it myself and it started with green windows that I found and blue tiles that I discovered in an old box in the shed). I also had a turquoise vase that had been too big to put anywhere in my previous homes so I put that in the kitchen as well. It’s all very exciting matching colors now (something I’ve never done before) and when I go shopping I try and match everything to fit in. I never thought I’d see the day 😉


  2. how cool she was! when i bought my little house, the cottage, i painted everything very bright colors, including the front door. this was in response to having been divorced and living in stark white apartments for a long time, and i just went wild with the freedom of color. now my tones are more muted, but still very colorful. i have one room all white where i hang up artwork.


    1. I like how you think. 😀
      That’s why my aunt did it too. She had just gotten out of a long relationship & thought…”Well, this place is mine now!” & She wanted the world to know it.

      Although it was very punk rock, it really did look cool for the times.



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