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Sleepy Sundays: It’s Gonna Be Cold

It’s Gonna Be ColdIt's Gonna Be Cold

A decent portion of the country was buried under snow this weekend. In our area, the temperatures plummeted to single digits at night. As I stepped outside to check things out, I couldn’t help but think of those less fortunate. What about the people without heat? How would they survive? etc. The stray cats in the neighborhood even crossed my mind. I worried for their little furry behinds and how they were coping with the arctic freeze.

When you have a loved one, hold them close. Don’t wait until it gets cold to do so, either. They may not always be around.

“It’s gonna be cold, there may even be snow…” – Sade

Have you ever experienced extreme cold? What was it like?

Have a chill-y Sunday!

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Very sweet post! It warms the cockles of my heart 😉 (whatever ‘cockles’ are?!). Seriously though I too would worry about any animals outside in this weather. Luckily I haven’t seen any strays around where I live, and my 4 pets are all cozy indoors – like me! Baby it’s cold outside! Cheers, Gina

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As of today, I’ve still only seen two of the poor kitties. 😦 (I think were about 5.) Thankfully, it’s starting to reach more normal temps now. (Still cold, but we can survive outside without twitching & shivering like wet birds.)
Thanks for stopping in, Gina. ♥


I was meaning to update everyone about the kitties here today – so I’m very glad you mentioned it, Michelle.

I just saw two of them today so, (thankfully) those two are safe & well. I would love to take in one or two myself but, sadly our landlord doesn’t allow pets.
I’m going to try to see if I can find them a good home. I’ll keep updating in this comment thread about the condition of the rest.
Everyone’s concern about them has me so touched. It’s good to know there are still caring people out there.



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