Sleepy Sundays: Flurry


We often pass by scenes like this every day. Yet, through our busy lives, not many of us even glance around. We’re frequently not fully taking it all in. Those who have been here a while may’ve heard me speak of birds once or twice. They have a deep meaning to me if you care to do some digging here. To all of the gracious supporters of my artwork that have rolled in this year, you may see them pop up every now and then.

This particular piece was inspired by a little sparrow I saw hopping around yesterday afternoon.

Is there any creature or symbol that holds a deep meaning to you?

Have a flurry of a Sunday!

15 thoughts on “Sleepy Sundays: Flurry

      1. Aww, thanks girl. One time I was admiring a horse. I’m kind of skiddish around them but I really wanted to see this one up close. When I was close enough, I reached out my hand to touch it. It was a gentle touch and the horse turned and looked me square in my eyes. At that moment a pulse went through my hand and body like nothing I’ve ever felt before. I knew other people where waiting; I reluctantly walked away…that feeling stayed with me for a very long time.
        Why I just told you that? I dunno lol


        1. Cuz I have that effect on people. 😛
          I have a little bit of a fear of horses myself. I always felt they are beautiful creatures, though. I’m just scared to get too close or ride one.
          I wouldn’t have made it in the ye olden days. Seeing as they were everybody’s main source of transportation & all.

          They are really cool animals, though. Maybe someday someone can coach me through my mild fear of them.


          1. Yeah, i guess you got something going on to make me spill my guts 😉
            I say take baby steps to approaching horses. They sense our anxiety so a trainer would tell you to relax so the horse will relax. I think you can do it. Believe me I was shaky touching that beautiful horse, but i’m glad I did it.
            Though I’m with you on the riding part, not really feeling that adventurous yet but I do want to overcome that.


  1. Me too! I’m very connected to birds, and it’s not like I connect to them, but they do always reach out to me with a message, really! I know you would understand, even though most people may think it’s crazy 😉
    Especially pigeons are always my messengers. I think of something and the answer is yes – i know there will be a pigeon sitting at my window. And if the answer is no, like don’t go there/don’t do it – a pigeon will pass by the window but fly away immediately as it sees me…
    And talking of birds… Last night I saw a dream where a pigeon warned me about a road accident, and today my close friend called me early morning, saying that he nearly got into a car accident but luckily escaped it… 🙂


    1. That’s so neat – I like pigeons too. Most people see them as an annoyance but I don’t. I nursed an injured one back to health when I was about 7 years old. It looked like a dog or cat had tried to kill it but it got away. When I found it, the poor thing’s wing was broken & it had scratches and cuts all over it.

      Surprisingly, he survived and made a full recovery. I was sad to see him go when he was able to fly again. Although, I understood he had his own little journey to make.

      I definitely think they are messengers. Very, very, much so. 😉


  2. Beautiful! I love artwork with birds particularly. And butterflies too! I also love artwork featuring fish. I like those plates that have hand-painted fish of any type or other sea creatures, such as crayfish, on them.


    1. Your artwork is so gorgeous I bet you’d make some amazing underwater scenes. I always wanted to paint an underwater mural in my son’s room. He loves all kinds of wildlife. It’s been hard to choose. He tells me now that giraffes rule. 😀 So I think we’ll go crazy with that.



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