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Sleepy Sundays: Family Tree

Family Tree
This year we put up our first full-fledged tree of our own. (The key word here being own.) Our small family of 3 is growing stronger and fiercely independent. We are doing more together and less with others involved. All of us have grown so much this year. I did a lot of letting go, reflecting, and understanding my place in this world. My other half did some falling down, getting back up and brushing his shoulders off with supreme grace. (This is one of the traits I love about him.) Last, (but most certainly not least) our little one made some serious strides in so many areas. His speech has dramatically improved, and so has his understanding. He continues to be the driving force of inspiration and happiness in my life.

Thank you all for being a part of this journey. Next week, I’ll be posting a “Year End Gallery” as sort of a “best of 2013” featuring some of your favorite art & photography here.

(My mom always loved this song. She’s been on my mind a lot lately – so I thought it would fit perfectly here.)

Hug your family & have a bright Sunday!

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Thank you for sharing your story and I am so sorry for your losses. I wrote this almost a month after I lost my grandson and Oct 1st I lost my aunt, who I will add to this poem someday soon.

Visions On The Beach

I walked along the beach today, and there I saw them all;
including the latest lost: little Tiven, Tommy, Michaela & my Paul.

Grandma painted at her easel, set upon the dune.
Uncle Eddie bent in half, laughing like a loon,

Oliver growled and chased birds, still thinking he’s a dog,
Tiven gathered sand dollars, arranged them on a log.

Michaela watched a mermaid hit the waves with a fancy spin,
Tommy just looked on with his I-have-a-secret grin.

Paul gathered his beach finds in a pile to take home,
I walked along, bulging pockets, trying to memorize this poem.

I see that look in your eyes. You really think I’m crazy now–I know you do,
but if you walk the beach or woods you’ll have a chance to see them too.

copyright 2013 Patti Hall

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