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Happy Hauntings!

Jack-o-Lantern 2010 art/photo hybridIt’s no secret that Halloween is my favorite holiday. Quite to the opposite of that, today I was a bit teary-eyed. I’m still not sure why. Maybe I’m becoming weepy in my adult years. Perhaps I always was a weepy person. Whatever the reason, when my son got on the school bus today in full costume, I held back tears. When he left, I was a blubbering mess. Maybe it’s because I’m remembering bits of my own childhood.

There’s not a distinct reason for sharing this. This blog has just somewhat become my confessional. I’ve never delved deep into my ultimate blogging goal but I’ll tell you that I’ve already achieved it. I wanted to leave some piece of my artsy side behind when I die. (Like a photo album, an old sketchbook, and a writing journal all rolled into one.) I’ll get more into that someday soon. For now, at least you can say you know.

It’s fitting I share this detail on a day full of spirits. Halloween is said to be a day where we’re most likely to contact the dead. Maybe I’ll just run into a few people I know.

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Be safe everyone, and have a very HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

By Daydreams

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2 replies on “Happy Hauntings!”

Happy Halloween, dear DD!

I understand how you feel. I’ve turned on enough waterworks over our son to fuel a power plant. I’ve always been sensitive and prone to weeping, but it was ratcheted up quite a bit once I had the boy.

I hope your family has a fun evening!


Happy Halloween, dearest Maddie! I’ve been carving out some time to write you a proper response mail.

I have a feeling that if you & I got together…it would be a one giant weepfest. 😛 We’d need to stock up on tissues beforehand.



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