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Dream On, Dreamer

I know it was announced last week that CardCastlesInTheSky will only have Sunday posts until January 2014, but there had to be an exception today for two reasons.

  • #B4Peace
  • Halloween

The Monthly Peace Challenge for October called for an imagining of our world as peaceful. Being a parent, this stirred up thoughts of our children. My uncle, a retired law-enforcement officer, is now running for the Board of Education in his district. Sadly, one of the issues that came up in the interviews during the “Meet the Candidates” meeting was guns in schools. It’s a little unsettling that we have to talk about this, but this is our world now. You can watch that video below. His name is Gerald Bruno, and I am very proud to call him family.

Meet the Candidates

This is what a peaceful world would look like to me.

Peaceful Dream

The world is quiet now

It is free of strong sorrow

Severe pain

The children run and laugh and play

Love stretches to every corner

Every niche


We are free to roam outside





If our world was completely free of pain I’d dream it sounded something like that. Maybe someday. One can dream, right?

Other Peaceful Dreamers:

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5 replies on “Dream On, Dreamer”

What a world it would be. It would be nice if children could just be children a little longer and not have to deal with adult issues before their time.
…One of my high school history teacher’s name was Ms. Bruno. She LOVED Bono! Lol it was a cool class to be in. This post made me think of that.



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