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I Can See Clearly Now…

Hey there darlings,

It’s been a while indeed. Since there’s been a hefty block of time that I’ve posted anything other than art, I figured I’d update you & explain why. So here ‘goes.

Behind the Scenes

There’s been quite a bit of family mess to sort out lately. I think I’ve mentioned here once or twice before that our 4 year old son has a mild case of autism. If not, well, now you know.

The interesting part is, although he is highly intelligent beyond his years, he has attention/focusing issues, some behavior problems, and many, many sensory difficulties. Our problem lately has fallen into the behavior department. He has been acting out a little at home and in school. We’ve had to make many adjustments to suit his needs. This, as you can imagine, has left little time for work or play blogging.

Although it has been difficult, we’ve always been of the strong sort, and I know we will find some way to come out on top. I just hope you’ll all bear with me for the ride.

What’s In a Name?

Since autumn is the season of change, one couldn’t help but think it was time for just that around here. I’m sure by now you’ve noticed some layout, theme, and header/label changes around here. These changes will only continue & get better, but I promise it won’t be anything too drastic.

Also, my gallery that so many of you have grown to love now has a new home. Don’t worry, my links to it have updated and you will be pointed directly to it from my Artwork page as usual. Instacanvas, the company I sold my artwork through, has simply changed their name to “Twenty20” and now my URL has just changed with it.

My Gallery
Click here to visit my gallery.

I think you’ll enjoy it just as much.

What the Future Holds

If you take a peek at my sidebar, you’ll notice a little note I’ve left stating that there will only be Sunday posts until January. This has a lot to do with a combo of family & work-related obligations. I will still be doing the Daily Daydreams, well…daily! Now, so long as the world doesn’t come crashing down…maybe I can finally finish the book I’ve been juggling between my art & life.

(This song always cheers me up. It so goes with this post too.)

I love you all, I hope you are well. I’m still a friend if you need me.

Has there been any chaos in your life lately? Things not going as planned? Please share. I do love a good coffee chat, & don’t you know it!

5 replies on “I Can See Clearly Now…”

That is so true, Debby. I usually don’t share too much deep, personal details on here but, lately I’ve felt I owe it to all of you. Most of you feel like family already anyway.

It is a winding road we must travel in this life. Hopefully, we don’t have to always go at it alone.



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