Sleepy Sundays: These City Nights

These City Nights
Although I mapped out this art to take on a surrealistic feel, there are some very realistic traits to it as well. There is something special about the city, especially at night.

To accompany my work, I’ve selected a song that goes with it well. It’s one I’ve always enjoyed & I think you will too.

When was your last trip into a city? What was it like?

Have a colorful Sunday!

10 thoughts on “Sleepy Sundays: These City Nights

  1. That was a good track. My last trip into the city was bittersweet…I was leaving my hometown. Waiting for my train, I watched the early morning commuters rush to their destinations. I remembered all the times that was me and all the adventures I had going through Penn Station.

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  2. Another stunning art piece from you, and the song is perfect. I was in the CBD in Melbourne, Australia, to meet an old friend on Friday night. I was amazed at the number of people out and about. The restaurants and bars were really busy, which has got to be a good sign. I was very pleased though, at the end of the night, to get home to my cat!

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