Sleepy Sundays: Golden Autumn

Golden AutumnGolden Autumn

Even though there hasn’t been much golden…or autumn in my area lately, (it’s been like blasted 85 degrees) this is the scene I’m dreaming to see by my birthday. Which is in just a few weeks! I’m truly becoming an old lady by my sister’s standards. So, I’d better enjoy my favorite season before my gray hair comes full-on.

Do you enjoy the cool air or do you prefer warmer temps?

Have a golden Sunday!

26 thoughts on “Sleepy Sundays: Golden Autumn

  1. I love fall. You should have some beautiful weather from here on out.

    I LOVE “Golden Autumn.” Run right over and put it on InstaCanvas, because I am buying it in greeting cards!

    Hope you are well, dear DD. Is your book on track for this month?


    1. Ah! I shall add it to the gallery tonight! Thank you for loving it!
      Sadly, I had to put a pause on the book in it’s 3/4’s done phase. (It’s a long story, hopefully one I’ll be able to share here soon.)
      I’ve missed you!



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