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Like Pieces of Glass…

Movie Quotes, The Green Mile
The first time I saw The Green Mile I cried like a baby during the scene this quote is from. Everyone always asks me why I don’t cry at the end & what is it about this part that sends me into a blubbering mess.

The answer is simple. I relate to what the character of John Coffey is saying. I’ve felt the exact same way my entire life. It’s something I’m powerless to change. Yet, I hope someday, together, maybe we all could. That might be part of the reason I said “yes” to the whole Bloggers for Peace movement when my good friend, Rarasaur recommended it to me.

It gets me every single time.

This post is part of the Monthly Peace Challenge: Quote This. I’m proud to be one of the first few Bloggers for Peace. Now, as we slowly draw to our last quarter, we stand as a colossal group. I’m grateful to know all of you. I’ve made some lasting friendships with a lot of you. There will always be a corner of my heart that shares your struggles and rejoices when you triumph. Love fully and always. If you need a shoulder to cry on, you know where to reach me.

Other Moving Quotes

♥ In Loving Memory of Michael Clarke Duncan ♥

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