Sleepy Sundays: Floral Dance

It’s the end of a glorious week. You know what time it is. Grab your coffee or tea and daydream with me…

Floral Dance

Floral Dance
What does this piece say to you?

13 replies on “Sleepy Sundays: Floral Dance”

This dreamy pattern reminds me of a quote, “Thinking is dreaming while awake, dreaming is thinking while asleep.”

So I’m not gonna think about it, just enjoy this sleepy Sunday, daydreaming with you… about nothing in particular. 🙂


I know, me too. I had a go at one time and even bought a sewing machine, did a sewing course, and made a few garments. But I haven’t made anything for 20 years. I had a flatmate at that time who could rustle up anything she wanted in a few hours, without even a pattern. She even made her own wedding dress. I was just in a store yesterday that sells sewing patterns and material and I was admiring all the wonderful fabrics and wishing I sewed. Maybe I will again one day. Sewing machines are probably easier to operate now. I used to become infuriated with bobbins and having to thread the machine in such a complicated way.


I know exactly what you mean. I can patch a simple hole and sew by hand. However, I used to get frustrated with the machines. I made a small throw pillow once. That was it, though.

I’m not sure I could ever make something as complex as a dress. (I would love it if I could, though!)



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