The Tiny Adventure of the Moon

Today I’m unveiling the surprise I spoke to my readers about. This is my second children’s story. I worked really hard on it and even lost sleep on the illustration portion.

There is no fee. No need to download anything. Just sit back, and hit the arrow [< >] buttons to turn the pages. It’s set up to function like an eReader. I know a lot of you have children and some have been going through some rough times lately. Let this be my gift of quality time to you.

My own son is my most honest critic and he happily approved of it. So, run and get your kids or your tiny relatives and have a happy reading journey!

For Chris

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© 2013 CardCastlesInTheSky

Let me know what the little ones thought!

Background Info & Author’s Notes: This written work and illustration is property of CardCastlesInTheSky. The ebook format was created using a feature here on WordPress called “Presentation”. If you would like to learn how to make presentation posts of your own, you can read more about it here: WordPress – Support – Presentations.

Thank you for supporting CardCastlesInTheSky. It is you, the reader, that make stories like this possible. When you keep coming back, you inspire me. I am forever grateful to you.

If you enjoyed this, check out my first children’s story, Little Blue Feather.


25 thoughts on “The Tiny Adventure of the Moon

  1. What a sweetly charming story! I am going to read it to my kids tonight! And I love the illustrations. As someone who is currently working on illustrations for my first children’s book, I can appreciate the labor of love that goes into this!

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    1. I’m so upset when I’m not notified of comments. I just saw this now, dear so I apologize for the late response. Children’s stories are a ton of fun. Dueling writing & illustration is certainly tough labor but undeniably a labor of love as you put it. 🙂 Thanks so much for reading!


  2. Finally! I get a chance to stop by and let you know how my little received your special gift. Drum roll . . . He absolutely LOVED it! I’m not sure how old your little man is, but I think it’s safe to assume that four year olds have a grip on what constitutes a good book!

    Also, I appreciate the fact that you’ve made it super accessible to your readers. This is very generous of you, Daydreams.

    Have a wonderful and peaceful night my friend! 🙂

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    1. I’m so glad your little guy enjoyed. 🙂 That just fills me with enormous joy.

      My little guy is 3, but not for long. He’ll be 4 next week. (It sounds so cliché, but they really do grow up fast!)

      It was my gift to all of you for being such a supportive group of friends. Maybe someday I’ll have it printed, who knows. For now, I’m happy to have it here for the little ones (& little ones at heart) to read.


    1. I’m super late on this response, Maddie. Forgive me – but I was never notified of this comment. How rude of technology! Anyhow, believe it or not, I used GIMP. I use it a lot for smaller projects that require a lot of layers and detail.
      Thank YOU for enjoying! & So sorry again for the late reply!


    1. Thanks a million, Gina. 😀 My son tends to like rhyming books better. That’s why I decided to go about it that way. He always liked my nighttime art best too. So a huge high five to him for the inspiration. 🙂


    1. Thank you so much. 😀
      I just found the presentation function the other day. It’s good to search the Support pages sometimes because they’re always updating them with helpful information.

      & You’re very welcome! 😉


    1. I lost so much sleep over this – but you know what, Rara? It was totally worth it. 😉
      Spread this to all the little ones you know. As I said to Caron, I fear the little ones are not reading enough, or being read to enough these days.


    1. I love you guys. I’m concerned children aren’t reading enough these days. This made me want to offer up my talents for free so some form of a book could possibly reach them.

      Thank you for reading. Thanks even more for the reblog, & thank you for being a dear friend, Caron.


        1. Same here. My grandmother was the one that always made sure we read a story. Some of those books bring tears to my eyes now. Just the lovely memories of my childhood imagination spinning away.
          I think it’s an important part of a child’s life. Starts their minds going & helps build language skills.


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