You’re Refreshingly Random Today…

Well, I told you in my last post I’d shower you with gifts. So here they are!

Girly Random button Fat Panda Randomness Peering
I’ll give you some brief instructions on how to use them. However, I highly recommend you check out the lovely Rarasaur’s post:

Generating Randomness

for a more detailed explanation. These buttons were, after all, her idea. I simply added to her collection with my own twist on it.


  1. Save the image or images of your choice. (Right-click and Save As.. on Windows, Hold and “Save Image” on iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, etc etc.) (It’s better you save these images yourself as apposed to linking to mine because I may not leave these up forever!)
  2. Upload them to your Media folder and copy + paste the image URL to a Text or Image Widget. (If you have trouble with this step, visit Rara’s post. She has detailed steps that show you how.)
  3. Then, link the image to your blog address + “?random”. Example: http:// YOUR ADDRESS GOES HERE /?random
  4. Now, you’re done! Feel free to show off your new Random Post button.

I plan on making more of these in the future. This is all I had time for now. Hope everyone likes them! There is no need to credit me for these. They are my gifts to all of you for being such a loyal, kind, supportive bunch.

5 thoughts on “You’re Refreshingly Random Today…

  1. Love your new buttons! You’re one talented designer. My favorite is the panda of course! Have you ever considered designing customized headers for blogs??



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