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Didn’t We Almost…

Throughout my early years my mother would pump the beautiful sounds of Whitney Houston around the house. This was a guaranteed routine during her cleaning. I would get very upset when my father left for work. She said music always calmed me. Whitney was a particular favorite.

This is one of the songs I remember loving the most.

Now, I can’t listen to it without crying. Mostly because both my mother and Whitney have now passed on. Still, (although somewhat somber) it brings me a smile and a sense of peace.

This post is part of the Monthly Peace Challenge: One Good Thing About Music.

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10 replies on “Didn’t We Almost…”

My mom would play artists from the big band era…Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman, etc. (Yes, that’s how old Cranky is…but I was VERY small). Whitney would have fit right in with these greats. I can picture her at the mike with Frank Sinatra.


I like a lot of artists from that era. I like music as old as the 1920s so you need not feel old with me.
I’ve been told I have an “old soul”. 😉
I think Whitney would’ve been just as popular back then too. She has a timeless voice. As do a lot of those artists.


Love Whitney and this song. Funny, but you’re the second blogger to mention Whitney, J. I knew we would get Lennon and Cat Stevens for this challenge, but I didn’t really think about Houston. Listening to her voice does bring peace. I love that she calmed you when your father left for work. {{{hugs]}} Kozo



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