Letter to a Lost Soul

For this month’s Peace Challenge I decided to write to someone I recently crossed paths with. You can find the story behind this person in my Right Place, Right Time post.

Dear Sarah,

I know you may never read this. Still, I feel compelled to write it. I know you are suffering tremendously, and for that I wish you peace. Love seems to be absent in your life. For this, I want you to feel our love.

When I say that we love you, I mean you deeply affected me and the neighbors around you. We care about you. We still talk about you. Mostly, we all want you to be happy.

The pain you feel is not foreign to me. I understand it all too well. There were struggles in my teenage years and young adulthood that were very similar to your own. I need you to understand that you are not alone. There is help out there. Help that I hope finds you. It would break my heart to ever find out something happened to you.

Most of all, I need to tell you that when I first saw you at your most desperate hour, you reminded me of someone. It’s someone very close to me. When I first walked out and saw you on the bridge, I got flashes of that person.

Maybe it was all meant to be. Whatever the reason, I’m glad you decided to come back over. You made the right choice. You may not see that now, but you did.

Hopefully, someday we’ll meet again. If fate sees to it that happens, I’ll make all of this known to you. Until then, I hope love finds you.

My Warmest Regards,


This month I’ve decided to do something a little different. Although I’ll still be including related posts from my fellow Bloggers for Peace, I’m also going to include some helpful resources and posts outside of the group.

B4Peace Related Articles

Author’s Note: My letter, along with the Right Place, Right Time post deals with difficult subjects such as suicide and depression. If you or anyone you know is dealing with depression, I’d like to direct you to someone that may be of some help.

I’d like to introduce all of you to Dr. Nicholas Jenner.

Dr. Jenner is a professional psychologist and became part of my reading family recently after I posted about suicide prevention. He was kind enough to share my Grief Management article on his FaceBook page. Dr. Jenner also has a successful online practice outside of his office. If you are feeling alone or in crisis, feeling there is nowhere to turn, I suggest you contact him. His information can be found on both his blog and website.

Website: http://www.drjenner-onlinetherapy.com/

Blog: http://boundariesofthesoul.com/

Last but most certainly not least, I recently found someone new here to WordPress. They posted a heart-wrenching poem about their struggles and ultimate triumph over depression. That poem can be found below.

Depression by mentoskid4 – Stop on over, give it a read & make mentoskid feel welcome. 🙂


14 thoughts on “Letter to a Lost Soul

  1. I keep thinking about Sarah as well and wondering if you ever heard anything about her again…
    That night I read your post about her incident, I had a flash of mental image as if you are sitting somewhere beside the water on pebbles, but not in this life, in some past incarnation, and many kids run and play around you… It was as if you are a nanny for those kids, maybe working in a daycare, and that one little girl around you kept popping out on the frontline in my sight… I think it was Sarah, and you definitely knew each other before…
    She appeared here again to make you a messenger for the lonely souls that need love… And i believe you got it quite well, you are doing your great noble work by spreading the message of the souls that themselves are voiceless or by some reasons are unheard…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s really interesting. This is something I see us having a long chat about. 😉

      I do definitely feel like it happened for a reason. & Strikingly, I did get on odd feeling of ‘de ja vu’ once getting onto that bridge. It was really strange.

      Sometimes, I do feel that is my purpose. My sister said something similar to me recently. Hmm…
      Food for thought. 😉


  2. Although this letter is addressed to Sarah, it really speaks to all of us at one point in our lives. Thank you for your empathy, lovingkindness, and warmth, J. I can feel the ripple of peace this letter sends out, and I am sure that Sarah will feel it as well. {{{hugs}}} Kozo

    Liked by 1 person

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