Perfect Moments

I’ve been pretty private with some aspects of my personal life on here. One of those bits has been family photos/video.

There is just reason for that. In due time, I’ll share those reasons with you and the walls will begin to come down.

I’m making my first dent in those walls today.

Many of you have said some of your favorite reads are those where I speak about my son.
Those of you that are exceptionally close with me know he is a driving force in my life. He inspires a ton of my art, he motivates me to accomplish every one of my goals, and he just makes me an all around better person.

So, I’m lifting my protective cape today – just so you can see how wonderful this little guy is. Enjoy the moment that made me smile today.

He is the reason I’m able to smile at all.

(Note: Video best viewed on a mobile device.)

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