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Sleepy Sundays: Overgrown

Overgrown, woods, nature photography
This was taken last night on our family hunt for fireflies. It was just after sunset and we had a ball. (Until the mosquitoes started to bite.)

Did you ever catch fireflies as a kid, or maybe as an adult? Share your stories.

15 replies on “Sleepy Sundays: Overgrown”

I live in central New Jersey in the US. There is some luscious, woodsy areas around here.
A lot of people have nothing but bad things to say about NJ because of how we’re perceived in the media, but they don’t live here – so they don’t see the beauty most of us see.


Ohh i guess media is all about setting stereotypes, which is an artificially enforced form of human separation and a block for self-development 😦
But not to worry, i guess, most people see through that


Hmmm never caught one, but was so eager to cause i was imagining them as some beautiful mysterious creatures made of fire 🙂 But when i found out that they in fact were just some usual looking bugs, I lost the idea and decided to just observe their beauty from the distance where they could still be mysterious creatures of fire! :))


They are wonderful to observe from afar. The summer nights seem to just twinkle with little bits of yellowish, neon green because of them.

We used to put them in little jars as kids and poke holes in the top for air like some of my friends described.

Now, I do the same thing with my little guy. He is afraid of most bugs but he thinks fireflies are cool. 😀


Wouldn’t that be a great place for a treehouse? We had fields next to our house when I was a kid. It was beautiful to see the entire field lit up with “lightning bugs.” We would make holes in the lids of jars (for air) and then catch as many as we could. They’d light up our bedrooms at night, and we would let them go in the morning.

Have you ever tried those clip-ons that are supposed to repel mosquitoes? I’m thinking about trying them this year.


Ah! You just brought me back to my own childhood! My grandfather and I still call them “lightning bugs” 😀
We did the same things with the jars.

& About the clip-ons – no but I am intrigued by them! I want to try them out! We’re used to using those citronella candles. They seem to work but we still get bit on the really humid nights. Mosquitoes are such a pain in the ass. I don’t see their purpose on the food chain. Haha! Maybe frog food?


We did the same! We’d briefly capture them and then let them go! I also call them lightning bugs. 🙂

For the mosquitoes, we use catnip. It seems to keep them away entirely. Of course, our mosquitoes here in So Cal aren’t quite as ambitious or gigantic as the ones I knew growin’ up (everything is bigger in Texas)… so I’m curious as to how catnip would fare in an area where bugs are tough. 🙂


Catnip! Ha! That’s awesome! I need to try that! Mosquitoes seem to think I’m made of 100% blood. I get bit like crazy.
& I live in Jersey so they are certainly tough. I’d imagine them coming at me saying “Fuhgeddaboudit!”



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