The Speeding Train Slows to a Crawl

The summer moBursting Sunnths are in full swing. Kids are out of school, families are going on trips, and everyone seems to be planning some sort of event. My own life has always somewhat differed from the norm. This year is no exception.

My son is now on his summer vacation, which means less time for work. Daytime writing should be almost nonexistent for me now. This also signals a slow in my posting frequency here as well.

There are currently 8 chapters in my book to be finished by September. When I say I’m ripping my hair out trying to get it finished in time, I’m not exaggerating. In fact, I think I’m going mildly insane. It’s a welcome madness, though. Running

My sincere apologies go out to those of you whose articles I haven’t had a chance to read. I’m doing my best to keep up with all of you but my own life has put me in a chokehold lately.

CardCastles is nearing its 1st birthday and I cannot tell you how appreciative this experience has made me. Readership continues to grow and I notice a more vocal presence from a lot of you. Actions like this mean the world to this little artsy mama. Thank you all, again and again.

Let’s hope the train speeds back up soon. There’d just better not be any brick walls in its way.


4 thoughts on “The Speeding Train Slows to a Crawl

  1. I’ve just had my 1st anniversary and what a wonderful year it has been in this blogging world. Best of luck with your book and please stop tearing your hair out! 😀


    1. It has certainly been a wonderful year in the blogosphere. (Hey! A cheesy rhyme! Haha!) Very well put, Dianne.

      Thank you for sending some luck my way. I think it’s just the stress of mulling over & editing that’s making me nutty. It will surely pass once I enter “the end zone”. *hugs*


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