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Summer Reading

With summer fast approaching, some parents may be thinking of things to keep their children busy.

I’m a firm believer in keeping your child’s mind active over the summer vacation. Instead of letting their brains turn to mush from watching too much TV, here is a colorful list of books for them to read:
Summer Reading 2013

The neat thing about this list is you can enter as a parent, or teacher, and enter their school name as a whole. This puts them in the running to set a record for the most books read. The website has a very descriptive, artistic, little chart that measures these numbers comparing it to landmarks like the, Eiffel Tower, Mt. Everest, etc.

I hope you all enjoy this & help make the most of your child or student’s summer!

5 replies on “Summer Reading”

When our son was still enjoying picture books, but also ready for easy chapter books, we tried to read 1,000 books in one year. Most we read aloud together, but he read some on his own, too. We didn’t quite make it. We finished the year at around 920 books. Still a great accomplishment. When he was older, we continued to read picture books, but he would rewrite the endings for his writing assignments. Have fun reading this year, DD!


He must be extremely intelligent! (like his Mama)
That is a huge accomplishment!

My little one used to hate reading because he has serious issues remaining still. Conversely, much to my surprise, he slowly began enjoying it & would sit for “reading time”.

Now, he loves books! I couldn’t be happier. He’ll often ask for another & another or one of his fav. stories to be re-read. “Mommy, again?” So I’m sure we will spending a lot of time doing that during the summer months when it’s just too hot to go outside.



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