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Prepare to be Scared

As a horror writer, I have a fondness for all things frightening. The following is no exception. Last night, I sat and watched the brand new show My Haunted House on Bio.

The episode was titled Trapped & Retreat and you can watch the full episode here ~> Trapped & Retreat Full Episode on

I have to say this is an amazing show. The re-enactments are that of top-notch movie quality. Told hand in hand by the people that are said to have experienced these incidents, the stories are gripping until their last minute.

Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, this show is definitely entertaining (and downright creepy) to watch. I thoroughly enjoyed watching last night’s episode & I hope you will to. So, click that link up there & get some popcorn & a cozy blanket to hide under!

11 replies on “Prepare to be Scared”

Yikes! I forgot you write horror! I’m a believer, so I don’t read or watch anything that will scare me. We live in a big, creepy old house, and I need it to stay friendly. My mind will quickly turn it into a house of horrors if I read or watch stuff that scares me. I have an overactive imagination. 🙂

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It’s brand new. It just started a few weeks back. I was lucky enough to find out about it pretty quickly. That episode I posted in the link is all kinds of creepy. Especially the first half with the nurse’s story about the catatonic woman. I couldn’t get it off of my mind afterward so I just had to share it!



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