Crowded Mind

I’ve been feeling a bit scattered lately. There’s been so much going on it’s left my mind a bit cluttered. Something positive usually comes from that in my world, though.

Here are the results:


Purple VinesPurple Vines

Whirly Girlygirly art

8 thoughts on “Crowded Mind

  1. I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve been here. I did see this when you first posted it, but didn’t have time to comment. I hope you’re no longer feeling so scattered, but the artwork from your scatteredness is really nice. Whirly Girly made me smile. I’m assuming that’s a self portrait. If it’s not, I see she at least bought one of your works of art for her wall. 🙂


    1. She’s not me – I’m a lot more pale & my hair is black but she does have my spirit in a way. Kind of like my main character in this book I’m working on.
      She’s not based on me but does have some of my traits. I think my writing seeped into my art.

      & Yes! She did bring my artwork with her on the wall! You’re awesome for spotting that!


  2. I love this one! First, the color is super. Rose is one of my favorite colors. And I love the cartoon girl, very retro. Reminds me of the artist Shag! 🙂



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