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Mother’s Day Marigold

After having an awkward day yesterday, I went out to pick up my son. After responding to some e-mails and comments on my posts here, I looked up to see a little smiling face walking down the steps with a colorful, little, hand-crafted “basket”. I greeted my sweet child with a hug and a “How was your day at school, honey?” He replied “Hea’go, Mommy.” So I took the “basket” and saw it had a card inside made for me.

It was by far the best gift I’ve ever gotten. Inside contained a card my son had made himself (with his teacher’s help) that had his handprint on it & a stem with leaves coming from it. This gave the effect of his handprint being a flower. It said: “My love for you grows more & more each day.” When I opened it, the card said “Happy Mother’s Day!”
Attached was a note describing how his class had planted flowers for their mothers. There was also a scanned and copied photo of a packet of marigold seeds.

I reached into the “basket” to find a cup with a tiny sprout beginning to grow inside it. There was a popsicle stick stuck in the soil with a little foam flower glued to it. My little one had actually managed to keep his first secret. I knew about a month ago that the class began working on gardening activities but I had no idea it was for Mother’s Day.

Looking at him I said, “Aww, thank you sweetie!” He looked at me and pointed to the little sprout and said “A fwower!” He clapped and giggled with a sense of accomplishment and then looked back at me and said “I wub you, Mommy.” He walked over to me on his own and gave me a big squeeze.

I almost cried.

Best gift ever.

Mother's Day Marigold
Mother's Day gift

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