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When to Shut Up: Comment Responses

Many of my readers new and old may not know I respond to my comments via mobile device. I do this with the sensational WordPress app. For those chat iconof you that may’ve thought, “How in the world does she respond so quickly?” that’s how. I’m a person that carries their iPhone everywhere. Since I have the type of profession that requires me to check e-mails often, I really do need to have access to my phone most of the time.

Recently, I was reminded why I have a rule about sharing my personal views in both my writing, and my blogging. Controversy ends up repelling the type of readers I am trying to draw in. If a reader does not know on which side of the fence I stand on many issues, they cannot form an unfair and bias opinion of me. My rule is somewhat like the “no religion, no politics” unspoken mantra of many organizations. Most of the loving people that follow me have come to respect this rule and enjoy my work all the more because of it.

Reading and leaving comments are a large part of what makes this community breathe and function. Sadly, I’m starting to feel the need to adopt the above said rule in those cases too. My reason is simple, I find arguing over the internet absolutely pointless. Some people just love to do this, and they’ll leap at the first chance to disagree and screech all over you for it. Disagreements are fine, we’re all human, and that is part of life. Sometimes people can be downright rude, though, and I’m a hypersensitive individual. Often, if a remark is thrown at me in a condescending manner, I’ll become hurt by it. This may sound pathetic, but it’s just how I am.

em·path noun
An individual that possesses the psychic ability to sense or feel other’s emotions with great intensity.

To contradict myself, (as I find it to be a fun way to see if you’re paying attention), I find the way I am to be a gift. It is probably the chief reason I am a writer and an artist in the first place. My head is chock full of emotions. The trick is balancing them out; knowing how and when to turn them off.

Has someone ever hurt your feelings online? Be honest. We’re all friends here.

24 replies on “When to Shut Up: Comment Responses”

I can understand your reasoning quite well and agree with your thoughts on controversy and bickering. I end up feeling quite uncomfortable as a result. Even my family believes I “take things too personally”. It really seems to be difficult not to when one is an empath. At least such is my experience.

Glad to come across your blog!

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We don’t take things too personally – I think we just see the truth clearer. & The truth…well, it hurts. 😉

[All the underlying hate/jealousy that others put out & shrug off..well we feel that 10-fold.]

Glad you found me, Dawna. Welcome, welcome. 😀


I’m sorry people have to be so nasty you have such a wonderful blog and beautiful art work. My husband also says “why can’t we all just get along” and I must admit he is right, can you just imagine how wonderful the world would be if we all did get along. You have a great blog site, keep posting and don’t look at those nasty comments.

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You are such a sweetheart, Rita. I wish I could just reach out and give you a giant hug. 🙂
I often repeat that saying myself. What a wonderful world it would be if we could all just get along and be kind to one another. One can only hope…


I’m sorry you’ve had to go through this and feel like this, dear daydreams. I admit to avoiding conflict, and I avoid commenting on posts about politics or religion. The biggest reason is because of my books. I don’t want to offend any readers or potential readers with something I might click like on or comment on. Even when I’m reading a favorite blogger’s posts, I always read through to the end before clicking like. I’m a pretty PG girl, and so are my books, so I try to keep my blogging and comments in that realm as well.

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