A Map and a Mule: Book Review

A Map and a Mule
A Map and a Mule
by Eric Timar
Cover art by Miki de Goodaboom

A Map and a Mule is a magical tale of a queen that helps usher peace upon two lands. This story reminds me of some of my favorite fairy tales I was told as a child. The author, Eric Timar manages to weave a lesson of peace without making the reader feel like they’re being taught. Full of lovable characters and some colorful illustration, this makes it an ideal choice for children ages 3-7. Although, this story is so simple, yet profound, I find it to also be suitable for any age group.

From a mother’s perspective, this is a story best read along with your child and then explained. There are some aspects a young child may not yet understand, but could easily grasp with a parent’s explanation.

This book is also an exemplary choice for a classroom setting. I see it best set in a preschool or kindergarten “circle time”. I highly recommend this to teachers of elementary aged children. It would make for a fruitful homework assignment or classroom project.

I could sing my praises about A Map and a Mule all day long. More can be gained if you just pick up a copy of it yourself!

For the interesting story behind the cover art: The Story Behind the Art

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