Shadow Dweller

Today is the day I formally launch my
Artsy Black & White Collection some of you have asked about.

Artsy Black & White Collection
Just click/tap on the collection icon & it will take you there.

I’m strongly confident that everyone will find at least one piece they admire. There is something for most every taste. Enjoy!
Happy browsing!

P.S. I know most gallery viewing parties have some nice champagne or fine wine..we’ll just have to clink our glasses with some virtual beverages for today. Sorry, I know…bummer.

6 replies on “Shadow Dweller”

The deer seems to be everyone’s favorite. It’s funny because that was the one I was afraid people wouldn’t like.
& It’s a strange but wonderful gift. I’ve been doodling & messing around since I was about 3. & You are artistic! With your writing. 😉


I’m pretty sure I was one of those who asked to see more of your artsy black and white pictures, love em 🙂

They remind me of the video game Limbo which I think is quite artsy and cool too hehe.

Thanks for sharing, I love the balloons over the city, the young deer and the pond the most 🙂

You rock!


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You have a definite style, and I think I would know your artwork anywhere. I like them all but seem to be drawn to the deer. I just today noticed that any of your prints can be made into cards. I’ll take some time to look into that soon. 😉

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I’ve been meaning to mention the cards on here sometime soon. I just keep forgetting. Thanks for reminding me. 😉
I’m glad you like my little deer. That was a difficult one.
I do have a bit of a strange signature to my work. You’re a doll for noticing that. I can tell you have an observant eye. That’s the mark of a gifted writer, you know. 😀



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