Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day, Earth Day images, Earth Day art As some of you may know today is Earth Day. This is an ideal time to teach the children of our planet about all things growth and respecting the environment. If you have kids of your own, or know a group of little ones in your community, consider starting a small garden with them.

You don’t have to live a in suburban or rural area to do this. There are plenty of urban areas that have gardens as well. Don’t believe me? Do an internet search on “city gardens” and see what you turn up. You’ll thank me later. The results of planting something small with people that are still learning about the world can be tremendously rewarding.

Children, after all, are like little plants themselves; just looking to soak up some knowledge.

7 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day!

  1. I remember us as kids – we were just crazy about going out in nature and doing something with the soil! Plant, water, play with it, dig…

    We couldn’t wait for weekend to commute to my grandma’s who lived in the countryside, and there help grownups do some planting in the garden for entertainment!

    You are so right – children just love outdoors and a chance to be out in nature, because we are naturally connected to soil and greens and air..

    And children feel it keener because all their energy receptive centers are still wide open to the world. Then as grownups with move deeper in the city lives and somehow lose the connection.

    It’s a good idea to awaken that bond with the nature in both kids and grownups, then we can make each day an earth day ♥

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    1. That is so nice that you had a chance to hang with your grandma & play outdoors.
      Sadly, more & more children are kept indoors nowadays. Mostly because parents fear for their safety. I think it’s a shame. I’m glad you notice the importance of bonding with nature & getting everyone outside once in a while. You’ll be a good Mommy should you ever have some little ones someday. 😉


  2. I don’t think we actually celebrated Earth Day when we homeschooled, but we certainly did learn wonderful, wonderful things about the earth. Our son always planted his own little garden, and we did tons of earth science. Because we schooled all year round, we did science during the summer when we could be outside most of the time for nature walks and study.



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