Springtime in the City

My family took a trip to go see one of our lovely relatives in Brooklyn, NY. These are some of the photographic results. There are some interesting stories behind each one. Some photos have larger versions and can be viewed by clicking on each one. Just read the small blurbs beneath each photo for details.

Flowery Trees

Flowery Trees( Taken on the way. Click image to view larger. )

Urban Springtime Urban Springtime(Click image to view larger.)

Brooklyn Bridge_Clouds Backdrop

BK Bridge Clouds backdrop

(This was taken with the camera on an upward tilt while approaching the bridge.)

BK Bridge

BK Bridge shoulder angle

(Shoulder angle)

Structure Structure ground angle

(Ground angle)


(This is a neat one. When I loaded them onto my computer, I noticed a strange reflection that I can only assume is the sun interfering with the glass. Although, some of my family swears it’s some sort of spiritual sign. I’ll let you decide for yourself.)

Beautiful Brooklyn Bridge
Beautiful Brooklyn Bridge

(This is one of my favorites. It really shows off the beauty of the bridge. Click on it to view larger.)

Coney Island Noon
Coney Island Noon

(The larger version showcases the sparkle of the water & the gorgeous clouds. Click the image to view it.)

Bridge Blur
Bridge Blur

(On the way back home.)

BK Sunset
BK Sunset

(Wide shot. Bye, NY! See you again soon! Click image to view larger version and enjoy the beautiful details.)

City Lights
City Lights

(Back home at nightfall.)

7 replies on “Springtime in the City”

I am so envious (in a good way) that you are within driving distance to go into the city for a day. I love New York. So glad you had a good day. I listened to Be Good while I was looking at, and clicking on, your lovely pictures. 😉


There is a pulse about NY that is different from any other city in the world. I finished Big Apple Hunter last month & you crossed my mind when we were driving in. Thankfully, I steered clear of any jewelry stores. I couldn’t resist the pizza, though. 😀
I’m so thrilled that you dig that song as much as I do. & I’m honored that you admired my little photo journal of our day.


Thank you, Maryanne! It’s been a while since we went out to go see my Mommy-in-Law so we figured we were due. My son only has one grandma so we try to get out to NY as often as we can. 🙂
(Boy, is that toll going up, though!!)



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