Stop and Smell the Flowers

Yesterday my son and I went for a little stroll after he was done playing with his friends. He raced with them for hours and after tiring himself out, he told me “Gimme hands-a-walk-a-Mommy.” In his 3year old lingo, that translates to “Take my hand and walk with me, Mommy.” So, that we did. As we walked around our neighborhood, he then pointed out “Pwetty fwowers.” I stopped to see where he was pointing and at my feet was an impressive arrangement of wildflowers. They were all so full of color and beauty it was hard to believe some people would consider them weeds. Contained within that bunch was one lonely, bright daffodil. (A planted flower; bright yellow in color and a common symbol of spring.)

Of course, as someone who thoroughly enjoys photography (when I’m not writing or illustrating) I just had to pause and take some photos. My son was ecstatic. He truly appreciates the beauty of nature. I can only hope he continues to share this enjoyment with me all through his life.

Without further ado,

Here are my photographic results from yesterday:

Kissed by the Sun

Kissed by the Sun
Hello SpringHello Spring
Daydream in YellowDaydream in Yellow
Dancing in the WindDancing in the Wind
Opening Up to SpringOpening Up to Spring(Click to view larger – this one has lovely details when viewed at full size)

Mixture of SeasonsMixture of Seasons(Click to view larger. This is a wide shot.)

Plethora of PurplePlethora of Purple(Click to view larger. Another wide shot.)

If you’d like to purchase any of these photos on canvas or framed print, please visit my gallery

Happy April, everyone!

Updated 4/18/15: My Twenty20 gallery has been shut down & is no longer a funtioning store. You can find my new gallery here:

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