Color Their World

Happy Easter greeting Spring is an ideal time for bringing the little ones outside. There is such a large array of family activities you can take part in without spending a ton of money or straying far from home. For all of the creative Mommies out there, you can organize a “spring themed” party or egg hunt with little to nothing. Some may even be able to craft their own decorations with everyday objects just lying around. (Toothpicks and colored paper, along with a little skilled folding make pretty neat little “flowers” – that gem is for free 😉 ) Let’s face it, smaller children love painting/decorating eggs and going on the hunt for them. Below, I’m going to list a few short activities sure to be a delight for both you and the kids.

Paper Egg Decorations

This can be done with something as simple as some plain white computer paper. Draw an oval-like egg shape with a black pen or marker and let your child decorate it. Make a few of these so you can help if they ask, or one for each member of your family. When they are finished, cut them out or help your child cut them with safety scissors. It’s as simple as that, see? Easy as pie. I promise, kids love this.

Painting/Decorating Eggs

There are a few different ways you can go about this. There are no real rules, in fact – the really silly eggs that look like garbage are usually the most fun to make. (They’re usually the ones your kids will remember the most too!) Many stores sell dye kits with fancy holders and cute little stickers. However, you can also do this just the same with some food coloring and your own stickers or paint sets. Improvise, it can be fun. Just hard boil some eggs and get to painting away! Your kids will have a blast. Get the whole family involved and this could make for some wonderful memories for all of you. Take some pictures! Post them! I’d love to see some!

The Egg Hunt

This is a joyous occasion for many children. I urge all parents/caretakers to be sensitive to each child’s needs, though. Some children can easily feel left out of an activity like this. (They may not find any eggs or be as fast as the other children.) In cases like this, place some eggs in more obvious spots, and others in more tucked away areas. Always be sure this activity is away from any roads, and heavily supervised by more than one adult. It can be easy to lose track when there are a lot of children participating. If you see a child looking discouraged, walk over to see what’s wrong and possibly offer some help. Remember, this is meant to be fun for all, not stressful or saddening for anybody. Make it colorful, make it bright, be enthusiastic, and you’re all set.


To all those that celebrate it, I wish you all a very happy, healthy, Easter weekend! Share some stories with me! What are your plans? Will you do anything listed here? If so write me about it! As I said above, take photos and write a post about it! Tag the post #ColorTheirWorld so I can find you. I’d jump for joy to anyone that participates.

white rabbit
…Just don’t go chasing rabbits, you might end up like me. 😉

8 thoughts on “Color Their World

  1. Great ideas! We had fun painting everything with the boy was little. We used our kitchen table one spring as a canvas. We put food coloring in several little bowls of vanilla pudding, and then we finger painted flowers and trees and sunshine onto the table. There was much licking of fingers, too.

    Wonderful pictures! You have such a way with giving the sun life, and that one branch on the tree. Really, these things are so creative. … Perfect pink background for the bunny and his amazing eye. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. We did. My grandfather invited us over and cooked a giant feast. The days that followed were pleasant as well (one day in particular is in the Stop and Smell the Flowers post.)

        Glad you got some relax time in. We all need that at times. 🙂


    1. I love the idea of painting your kitchen table! You guys must’ve had so much fun. 😀

      You’re a sweetie. Rabbits and I have had a longtime friendship. Must be the “Alice” in me.
      Thank you for your warm & lovely thoughts.



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