Spring Cleaning

Budding Tulips

Greetings lovely guys and gals! With the spring season budding into action, many of us begin to think of the ever-so-dreaded cleansing process. It may be to our homes, our websites, our lives, or all three.

In these next few weeks I’m going to be doing just that. My family needs to steal me back for the Easter holiday and my home needs another good scrub down. It’s funny because just the other day I noticed we still have some of my son’s baby clothes tucked away in his bottom drawer. The little one-pieces and tiny socks were kept there when we first moved in. I haven’t been able to part with certain outfits. Then, it dawned on me; my son is now three years old. Until we are able to purchase larger living quarters…I must minimize some old things to make room for the new.

My mind began to spin its web of thoughts. “Well, I’d better get rid of all unnecessary things we’ve dragged in here like a cat with a dead mouse.” That, and well, my blog has a few aspects I’d like to change. Also, I have given myself a deadline of September to finish my writing projects.

With all of my mind-blabbering aside, it then brought me back to you. We could all use a good cleaning in our lives every now and again, right? Toxic friendships/relationships, a job we’re unhappy with, a new home we may want…these can all be organized, moved out and restarted.

Spring is an ideal time for all this as its still somewhat the beginning of the year and a time of awakening.

Do any of your lives need an old-fashioned “spring cleaning”?

8 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

  1. Hi DD. I’m parked at your blog this evening and am looking forward to some time spent reading and looking at your lovely artwork. I love your simple style, yet you always convey so much emotion or feeling. What creates the texture in this picture? Was that done electronically, or is that from a canvas?

    I would love to have one of those off-load dumpster things dropped at our house, and then I would go through and throw out so many things!! I am not one to save stuff, but it sure does accumulate over the years.

    As soon as I get all of these books shipped out of here, I’m giving this house a good deep clean!


    1. Hey Maddie! I always look forward to your visits here. 🙂
      I did this one with an illustration program and a photo editor combined. Sometimes I do a rough sketch beforehand of how I want something to look & other times I just work within the program. (Someday I should write a post illustrating this process.)

      Your kind words are very much appreciated. They do have a bit of emotion in them each time. Someone once told me a lot of my artistic ventures and projects seem “alive”. I’ve always loved that description. 😀

      & I certainly know what you mean about things accumulating over the years. I’m not big for holding onto things either but when my son was born, there were certain items of his I just couldn’t part with. I always get all mushy and sentimental looking at his tiny baby clothes and first shoes; things like that.


  2. I must admit I’ve started to clean my basement and I’m getting rid of things I have hung on to for over 20 years, my husband is shocked. It’s been hard but I know I’ll be glad when it’s done. I’m always surprised how much stuff I have. And I’m trying to get motivated to start writing my book….again 🙂
    Your painting is beautiful !!!


    1. There is a weight that seems to lift when you let go of certain things. I think of it as an emotional cleansing as a reward for all of that physical labor. 🙂
      So I wish you “Happy Cleansing!” along with your happy writing. 🙂
      & Thank you for your lovely compliment on my little flowers, Rita. You’re such a doll. 😉



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