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Word Garden

Springtime SunsetWell into our first Friday of the spring season…

I come sharing seeds.


The Word Garden

Today I had an interesting thought. If you have a website or blog, or generally anything you share online with the world – it’s alive.


Your readers, people who share your links, and generally anything you continuously update moves and breathes just like we do. Now, before you go to get a broom to bash your computer with… I don’t mean it’s going to literally jump up and run away from you. Stay with me.

Take for example, here on WordPress. Widgets can help make a blog come alive. Especially those like “Most Popular Posts & Pages” that constantly update based on your site’s statistics.

If you update your website, blog, gallery, social media often this helps keep it living and breathing. When users come to your site, if they have a place to communicate with you, think of them as your fellow gardeners. “Plant the seeds and they will grow”, etcetera. To maintain healthy soil, one must be in an ideal climate, have desirable soil to begin with, take decent care of it, and fertilize. This thought could be applied to the content you share as well. If we update regularly, keep our content fresh, build an audience…and learn how to keep them present and engaged, it shows. Then, we’ll have “watered our plants” so to speak.

There is no perfect formula for this. Every facet of media is different. No breed of art is the same. Although, much like the beginning of spring we could learn to take care of our flowers and see just how stunning they grow to become.

By Daydreams

Concept Artist

8 replies on “Word Garden”

What a neat way of looking at a blog. I never knew about the most popular posts until you just now mentioned it. I found the summaries. How cool is that! 🙂

Dianne beat me to it, but that picture is most definitely a WOW. The sky effect from the sun is stunning. That one is worthy of a gallery or museum!

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Love this analogy, DDiW. I love how we drop a seed in the form of a post, and watch it grow roots and leaves in the comment section. Patience is also necessary to help the seeds grow. {{{hugs}}} Kozo

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Patience is indeed necessary. I should’ve gotten into that more. I admit this was one of my first posts that was rushed. Had to do the Mommy juggling act thing.
Regardless, I’m very pleased you enjoyed. 🙂
After all, I did spend a lot of time on the artwork that went with it.



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