Spring Approaches

clovers Spring is almost upon us. To me, this season has always meant “rebirth”. To truly regrow and start anew, it’s believed one must let go of the past. I guess that’s sort of my theme for this month. I’ve been helping those struggling with hurt pick up the pieces and move on. Now, I must do the last bit of that for myself.

I’ve let go of a lot of past hurt over the last few years. There is one last piece of it holding me back. It involves me having to forgive (but not necessarily forget) those that have wronged me or caused me pain. As a part of my good friend Kozo’s Monthly Peace Challenge, I’m going to do just that.

To all who have hurt me:

I forgive you. Mainly because, you may not even truly know what you have done. I understand that sometimes your anger may’ve been directed to the wrong place. There may have been painful events going on in your own life, and I was your punching bag.

I forgive you because, sometimes people are ignorant. That’s just the way life is. I forgive you because you made me realize countless things. I forgive you because your destruction is not limited to just me, and I feel sorry for you.

Mostly, I forgive you because I need to forgive myself. It’s now clear to me that none of this was ever my fault.

Most of all, I forgive you because pain has made me stronger. I’ve become more compassionate because of it, and can now sense another’s pain with great intensity.

Thank you.

Be at peace, because I sure am.

Have a forgiving Sunday. 😉

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