Sunshine Hunter: Book Review

Sunshine Hunter, Maddie Cochere, Gillian Soltis
Sunshine Hunter by Maddie Cochere. Cover art by Gillian Soltis.

Sunshine Hunter opens up on the note of an interesting dramatic comedy. (It reminds me of some great movie or play rather than a book.) Although the core of this story is set in mystery, you’ll find a great deal of humor involved. Our main character, Susan is a fun-loving, independent, strong-willed, young woman all of which are part of her undeniable charm. After a fine taste of some back-story, you come to meet a colorful cast of characters. Each person in this neat little web has intriguing traits of their own. Most readers should find this lovely set of friends and neighbors lovable, relatable, and maybe even water cooler chat.

This book was largely enjoyable for me. I’m not normally a reader of many genres outside of horror but this was well worth the trip. To anyone that may be steered away, I highly recommend giving something new a chance. At first, you may think it’s not for you and then as you read on you find yourself falling head over 3- inch heels in love.

We’re not often told such a treat of a story in a unique first-person narrative style. You’ll find yourself laughing, cheering, maybe even crying…and in shock, all in quick succession. However, you still find yourself engrossed and able to follow. This is a remarkable read. So, what are you waiting for? Go check it out! This first installment of the series is now free on most e-book stores!

Click on Maddie’s book to go straight to the Apple iBookstore.

Here are some other useful links of hers:

Maddie’s Official Website

Maddie’s Blog

Happy reading!

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      1. DD, Marcus (thatfunnyblogguy) has read two of my books! There are a half dozen men (maybe a few more) here at WP who have read one or two of my books and have said openly they like them. These guys tickle me so much! 🙂

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