What is “Chummy Chowder”?

If you are familiar with my writing here you may’ve noticed some posts tagged as “chummy chowder”. You can also find this humorous little phrase in my tag cloud that I’ve labeled “Topics Mentioned Recently”. What you may or may not have asked yourself is “What the heck is “chummy chowder”?”

“Chummy Chowder” is a tag I’ve come up with native to my blog only (for the moment) that describes and addresses my friends, fellow bloggers, and generally all things that make one feel “warm and fuzzy”. If I deem something to fall under this bracket, I’ll label it as such.

Go ahead, browse this section yourself. You know you want to. My posts tagged as “Chummy Chowder”

If you’d like to use this tag yourself, you have my full permission to. It’ll help build a band of us together. Just know that it will associate you with my blog so you might want to explain it to people.

With that said, I’d like to take this opportunity to address my some of my lovely blogging friends here and give them a quick dose of Chummy Chowder.

My Final Awards

Before I begin, I’d like to mention that these will be the last awards I’ll be accepting. Please do not be insulted, anyone. I don’t at all mean to be unkind or insensitive. I just feel that awards and all of their “rules” take away from the content I am trying to bring to my key readers. Awards can sometimes come across as chain-letter-ish and a few of my longtime followers/subscribers have e-mailed me about their spammish nature. I’ve even lost a reader over it. So, with that stated, please understand. I am not doing this to be rude or unthoughtful, it’s just a personal decision. If anyone ignores this post and decides to send an award my way in the future..I’ll do my best to thank you and acknowledge you, but I won’t be participating in any of the “rules”. My sincere apologies. – Daydreams

Illuminating Blogger Award
Image source unknown

This award was given to me by way of my dear friend, Sofia. I’d like to thank her for the overwhelming kindness and friendship she has shown me in such a short time. You can read about my artwork that was inspired by some kind words she said to me in another one of my posts here.

Image source unknown

Next, I’d like to thank Summer.

Summer gave me the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award and was also sweet enough to send an e-card my way on Valentine’s Day. I was so touched by that I could just not help myself but to mention it. So, many, many thanks to Summer.


reality blogger award
Image source unknown

Last, but certainly not least, I’d like to thank ElectronicBagLady for the Reality Blog Award. We are new to each other’s material but since she is one of my fellow Bloggers for Peace, she is fast becoming a friend.


Well guys and gals, that about concludes it for now. Coming up I’ll be posting a book review along with some more from my black and white art series. (I’m almost done with it! Yay!)


May you all have a magnificent Monday!


4 thoughts on “What is “Chummy Chowder”?

  1. Yay, it’s lunch time, so I could really use a bowl of chummy chowder. Congrats on the awards and the decision to stop taking them. Time is getting extremely limited, so I agree let’s focus on our content. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo


  2. I stopped doing the awards too. They are wonderful but a lot of work in accepting them (which I think gave my blog a virus trying to find other blogs to award to!)


    1. Oh, I know. They should be wiped out of the blogosphere in my opinion. It’s cute & sweet at first…but then it just becomes an annoyance. I mean no disrespect to anyone that has nominated me for one or enjoys giving them out. They just seem to clog things up and drive away quality readers.



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