End of Winter

As spring approaches, we can look foward to trees and flowers blooming, kids playing outside, going out without a coat…and allergies. I have to admit, I’m a little sad to see winter go. I love winter and all of the beauty that it brings. All good things must come to an end, though. The snapshots captured below were taken Friday during (what I think is probably) our last snowstorm until next winter. It was unexpected since the weather had predicted only about 2 inches for my area. Instead, we got pounded for about 8-9 hours and ended up with way more than that. Snowy Pine

snow storm

It was a welcome change from the nutty, constant rain that was going on prior. The snow you see pictured in the second photo actually began to prevent the flooding that would have happened had the rain from the day prior continued.

Every bit of snow was melted by Saturday, since we had a drastic change in temperature the next day. Now, spring is certainly in the air. I’m a lover of flowers so I’m ready to embrace the new season. You can expect a season appropriate change to my galleries when time and weather allows it.

Have a pleasant and peaceful Sunday, everyone!

11 replies on “End of Winter”

Coming from New England; I have fond memories of the beauty of freshly dropped snow..and the memories of slush, ice and black ice. Here in Florida, the end of winter marks the beginning of the dreaded humidity so, in that way, I will miss winter also! Great post and pics!


Fall is my absolute favorite. Winter is next. Spring…I would absolutely love if it wasn’t for my horrid allergies. I suffer through most of it. By the time they’re gone, summer is right around the corner. I’m not a big fan of summer.
Spring thunderstorms are pretty neat, though. People thought I was crazy because I was trying to snap the perfect photo of lightning bolts last year. I wasn’t successful. Maybe this year I’ll get it. 🙂



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