Art Therapy

Sometimes I find art to be quite therapeutic for me. This is my latest example. It’s going to be part of a series of artsy black and whites I’m working on for My Collections.

“Lonely Pond”Lonely PondLet me know what you think! Your input is always appreciated and helps make my artwork better with each project.


11 thoughts on “Art Therapy

  1. I made sure to come up with my thoughts before reading the others. 🙂 I love the black/white, and the picture reads sci-fi to me. The sun has a quality that makes it seem as if it might explode at any moment. The pool borders on eerie, and I fear something may come out of it at any moment. That’s actually quite a stunning piece, and I’m leaving before something jumps out of that pool!!


  2. Niceee! You know every time i look at your pictures, there is something mystical about each one of them.. I don’t know, the style is so unique – they look like graphics of some beautiful RPG game and a fine art at the same time, i really love it!


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