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Friends vs. Followers

In this constantly growing world of social media and technology, it can be said (arguably so) that more personally intimate relationships arefriends? dwindling. Recent years have given new meaning to the word “friends”. Some of the world’s top social networking sites are filled with people that have up to 500 or more “friends”, approximately 80% of which they don’t even know. Admittedly, some of those same people have never spoken to their supposed friends. This normally would leave one to believe these types of online relationships are meaningless, and our society is going down the tubes because of it.

Much to the contrary of the above stated facts, another group will tell you some of their most meaningful relationships were born online. I’m here to offer you some specific evidence from this particular group. Case and point, take me for example.

In 2003, I was taking a stab at my psychological horror writing genre again. (Cheesy pun intended.) I wasn’t getting much done in that respect because I was an irresponsible young person with no direction and many issues to add on to that. However, I still spent a great deal of time online dueling between my writing and graphic art. One night, my friend nudged me to go into a chat room (remember those?) with her because some amusing conversations were taking place. She was right, I was amused indeed. What I wasn’t quite aware of was the fact I was about to meet the love of my life. This man would many years later father my child, and despite our ups and downs, we would be very happy together.

Later on, I began to trust online friendships more and more. Years later, after meeting someone I later fell in love with, I met the best friend I have ever known. Yes, you guessed it…online. We had some shared interests and that’s how we initially clicked. Later on, I found out this person lived pretty close by and that only made our friendship stronger. What I didn’t know, was this person would later save my life.

So, are you convinced yet? If not, I’ll bring you to present day. My current situation is I’m now a budding writer, taking it seriously this time around. I came here to hone my skills and practice my craft. What I never knew was I’d meet a whole entire group of friends with like-minded interests, people I connect with on an almost spiritual level, people who have offered me support, kindness, and true friendship. These friendships have not been matched with the ones in my everyday life. I’ve often told some of these friends I love them, and they’ve returned the sentiment. They share my work with their friends and the world and they tell me to keep going…something I desperately need to hear at this time in my life. Friends

Can online friendships/relationships really work and be mutually beneficial? In some cases, the evidence would point to no. Although, I’m here to tell you for some people, the answer is most certainly a big, warm yes.


Love this post? Go check out my pal Kozo’s post Friends and Enemies: The Maleable Keys to Peace as we seem to have been on the same page this week. (This is, I believe the 3rd time myself and one of my blogging buddies posted about almost the same topic. Sometimes, I think we read each other’s minds…)

18 replies on “Friends vs. Followers”

I just met a married couple in church that found each other online.

Sometimes you think it’s just a computer friendship, but people who type behind these computers are very real and we all have hearts and souls. In a lot of ways I consider fellow bloggers friends. Some I’ve even emailed with and talked to on the phone. Hope to meet someday too.

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I have a very special friendship with a lot of you. Others, I’m just getting to know but am already bonding with. Some, I feel like I’ve known them forever.
Like you said, we may all be behind a computer screen but we are very real people with emotions and feelings.


I so want a name to call you by, because you are my friend. If you don’t have one you use online, I shall call you DD for your daydreams. The initials even sound like a name – Dee Dee. 🙂 (Feel free to tell me if that makes you crazy, and we’ll come up with something else.)

I love that you met your husband in a chat room! I met mine on a blind date. Because I quit my job to stay home and homeschool our son, I’ve become quite reclusive over the years. Girlfriends have gone by the wayside, and I’ve not reached out to make others. Meeting so many wonderful people here at WordPress has really helped my spirits and even my mental health as I’ve been able to have conversations with humans! I think of so many people here as real friends even though I have never met them. I just know we would get along wonderfully if we could spend real time together. Very nice post, and I am happy to call you friend, DD. 🙂

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*Gigantic hugs*
You can call me whatever you like, sweetie! As long as it’s not “b*tch” lol. I will exchange e-mails with you promptly, missy! This way I can give you an actual name & tell you why I don’t share it here (yet).
If you want to beat me to it, here is my Contact page Just scroll to the part where it says “You may e-mail me directly at:”
& my info is there.
It’ll go straight to me & you needn’t worry about time zones or whatever – just e-mail away at any time. I’d love to hear from you.



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