Floating Daydream

In respect of Sunday’s lazy quiet, family-oriented nature, I’d like to keep my words brief for today.

butterfly art, Floating Daydream

This is my little art venture for the weekend. It’s uncertain right now where this may end up. (Maybe a piece in one of my galleries, as an illustration for a random author’s book, or in the trash bin…) All that’s known to me right now is it gives me a pleasant feeling.

The work pictured above was inspired by my joyful and beaming with sparkling energy blogging buddy, Sofia. She told me yesterday I have a “butterfly spirit” and my, my, is that fitting.


31 thoughts on “Floating Daydream

  1. This is beautiful! I can see the little Sofia soul in there for sure 🙂 It makes me feel nice too, I can almost feel the warm breeze on my face 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. It came from a happy place. I’m fortunate to have met such wonderful people like yourself and Sofia. Such a meeting of minds tends to bring out this side of me.
      Thank you for building and nurturing our little community. 🙂 We are doing great things, larger than all of us. I can feel it.



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