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A Splash of Inspiration

Inspiration can come from the oddest of places. My son and I were standing out waiting for his bus in the freezing cold earlier and he blurted out “SPWASH!” (Splash)

I then looked down to see what he was referring to. He was pointing at a drain pipe that runs down the side of our building and into the ground. My little one always finds beauty and amazement in the simplest of objects. Oh, to have such innocence and unlimited imagination is quite a gift. What he didn’t realize (or care about) was that he gave me a fantastic idea.

Splash, art, abstract
The above piece is the result of that idea. I’ve been searching for an image I could include in a little “About Me” type of blurb that could then be put into one of my blog’s wonderful widgets. Thanks to my little burst of sunshine and happiness I have just that.

8 replies on “A Splash of Inspiration”

I love when you talk about your little boy, because it reminds me of when our son was a little boy. He is an only child, and we had so much fun.

I LOVE the Splash of Color artwork, and it’s beautiful at the bottom of your posts. I could see that pattern on so many things. I know it’s not easy getting the balance of circles and colors just right. Very nice. 🙂


You are so sweet, Maddie. Our lives are richer, warmer places when little munchkins are in them.

As for the art, my mind is a twisted vine with all different kinds of flowers sprouting out of it. Where my strengths lie, I make up for with extreme weaknesses in other areas.

Truth be told, sometimes this stuff just flows out of me. Other times, I can go months without creating anything I see fit to move any farther than the trash bin. I think I’m just wired this way.
*hugs* Your comments always revive this place.


Your comments are always such a joy, Dianne. 🙂 Thank you kindly. My little one has given me loads of inspiration since he’s come into my life.
That little panda that I drew up in my header image was actually his idea! He loves pandas. 🙂



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