To Build a Card Castle…

Daily Post Prompt: Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.

Well, Daily Post prompt, I already have. Recently, in fact.
You can read The Story here.

I may only leave that page up temporarily, based on the feedback it receives. You must understand, it is deeply personal to me…and in the past, my enemies have used details like this as weapons.

Please enjoy, after all, it’s the story behind this place. I found it strange that the prompt came up after I decided to share it.

17 thoughts on “To Build a Card Castle…

    1. Well it’s been a while since anyone tried to (thankfully) but sadly that’s why I have to keep things private here, like my name, my pictures, my family photos.
      That’s why I have so much respect for Kozo. He’s trying to change the way people think/act before they go ahead and bully someone like that. 🙂
      You are all a wonderful group of readers and have been extremely supportive of everything I do. I love you guys for it.



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